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Originally Posted by sparkyg View Post
Great post Cleveland.

Any way you can tell looking at a wheel if it was made using a 5 Axes CNC?
Sometimes you can by how the face of the wheel is machined.

This is most prevalent in "no-lip" wheels with a low offset and deeply recessed spokes that dive into the center pad area. Spokes with a slope angle greater than 12 degrees, are prime candidates for 5-axis machining.

Typical 3-axis CNC milling machines have a difficult time reaching certain areas of the wheel center, without damaging another part of the wheel. (angles are too tight)

This is where a 5-axis machine can manipulate the cutting head better, and rotate the work platform in the proper orientation to reach these tight spots.

Note: The use of a 5-axis CNC machine, has no bearing on the overall quality of a given wheel product. It's use is primarily limited to a need basis. (only when it's called for)

So you should not automatically assume, that any wheel machined using this type of milling device, it is somehow 'better' than another competing product.

Just wanted to make that point clear...