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Originally Posted by kieranlavin View Post
Lucid - definitely look into the Carbotech XP12's for a temporary solution.

As for going off with brake failure, the bus stop isn't a HUGE deal as you can just go straight through there. The real place you don't want to go off is turns 10 and 11 with guardrails or turn 1 where it's off-camber and a bit of a hill on the outside.

At the toe of the boot, if I remember the bumps are out to the outside. The best solution there is to track out to the outside and then get back toward the right side or even at least halfway across the track. Shortly before you hit your braking for 8 get back over the left-side. I'm so used to a low HP car that I didn't realize it but the higher HP cars like to hug the inside corner through that turn since it seems that there's a less steep hill and shorter distance around the turn. I had always gone REAL late apex to try to get a bit of a run going up the hill
I was thinking more in the lines of what if you lose your left/right brake balance at 150 mph when one of the pads comes loose and completely gives out. At that point you might not be able to go straight even though there is room at the bus stop.

Yep, the braking zone before 8 is bumpy, but that's OK. I was referring to turn 7. The apex and tracking out is pretty bumpy there, but maybe not as bumpy as I think it is. I'll dry going WOT before the apex next time.