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Originally Posted by Big Windy View Post
Cool Lucid...nice review and write up. Sounds like you had a couple hairy moments out there. I'm interested to see what the final solution will be to resolve some of these braking issues. I'm a bit surprised that BMW didn't pay a bit more attention, but maybe it was cost-prohibitive as BMW figured that most M3 owners won't track their cars.
I suspect the lack of brake cooling ducts has something to do with the front end of the car being fairly comittted to other functions (radiator, oil coolers, engine intake). They probably figured brake cooling was less likely to be an issue for the majority of the people than engine cooling and intake, which is true. I understand the E46 M3 had openings in the bumper that were shipped plugged, but could be unplugged for brake cooling for instance. As a comparison, to the best of my knowledge, the p-cars and Corvettes come with some sort of front rotor cooling out of the box? There was a guy on here last year, Enigma, who races, and if I remember correctly, he predicted that the lack of brake cooling would be an issue before the car came out. So, he was right I guess...