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In the middle of beer pong and flip cup you could keep up to 10 or so busy at once playing Relay. It's essentially a combination of beer pong, flip cup and quarters. You set up two identical sets of beer pong pyramids at the same end of the table - one for each team. You have two teams of up to about 5 people. One person on each team starts by throwing at the beer pong cups until they make one. Once they make one, the next person on the team grabs the cup and ball and runs back to the other end of the table. Once there, they pull the ball out and they have to bounce it off the table back into the cup quarters style. Once they make the ball in the cup they pull the ball out, slam the beer, and then flip it just like you do in Flip Cup. Once it lands top-side down, they start the process over by throwing the ball at the beer pong cups until they make one and so on. It's a blast!