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Originally Posted by Drifty// View Post
Good point. I found this chart for SL tires, which is what I have:
Removed the image from the quote, to keep my post shorter.
But this list is calculated with the right formula , The European way.
Only thing is they have calculated it in Kg and steps of 10 kPa/0,1 bar.
After that it is conversed to PSI and LBS. No problem , because they first rounded the KG down to 10 kg then made the list on PSI and angain rounded after conversing to LBS rounded again only for the higher loadindexes.
Also the list does not go lower then 26 psi wich is usual in the old american system, In Europe they go as low as 1,5 bar/21,75 psi.

But for higher speed the reference-pressure ( here 36 psi) has to be highened up with a sertain system , depending on the speedcode letter of the tire.
Made a picture of it.