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The Car:
2013 Santorini Blue E92 M3
-Competition Package
-Speed Cloth
-Carbon Leather Trim
-Heated Seats/Park Distance Control

The Trip:

1 May: Left the states for Munich.
2 May: Arrived Munich early in the morning, took the train to the city, grabbed some breakfast, and checked into my hotel. After a moderate nap I met up with my good friend and fellow M3post member Mike (MSportWorld) and we headed out for some sightseeing and dinner/drinking.

Things got pretty sloppy after we arrived at HaufbrauHaus so I will stop here to protect the innocent

3 May: Woke up early to head to Welt in the fog...

After a quick tour of the main floor/showroom we headed up the elevator to sign the final paperwork and head to the delivery lounge...

The breakfast buffet didn't disappoint!

Neither did the view

The first glimpse of my new love!

Time to stand next to the column with my name on it.

I never knew you had to walk down the 'stairway to heaven'

Santorini is absolutely STUNNING in person!

A spirited jaunt down the autobahn to Stuttgart and the Porsche Museum

Some highlights from the museum tour

Outlines of every 911 model since they first started production, interesting how similar they are.

Cool cutaway of a 997

May 4: Woke up late in stuttgart, grabbed some lunch and did some sight seeing then headed to K-town to get settled into our friends vacant apartment.

5 May: The Green Hell!

Got some gas then drove over to the waiting lot, there was an accident so the ring was temporarily closed, took some shots of everyone waiting around. Simply INSANE gathering of machines!

After waiting for about half an hour we decided to tour around and grab lunch at Sabine's family hotel.

After Lunch it was time for the proper seasoning/break-in of my new M3 on the Nurburgring!

5500 RPM break-in limit and an accident causing a slow/caution about 3 minutes in made for a lackluster lap time...that and my total lack of driving skills...I have a go-pro video of the lap but it is rife with screaming and profanities so I decided not to post it Afterwards we headed to the spectator area and basked in the awesomeness of having gotten to drive on the ring on such a beautiful/busy day!

We headed back to K-town to pack up and prepare for our return trip...there was a peculiar parking situation.

May 6: Woke up super early and drove to Frankfurt to drop off the car at the exporter and took a taxi to the airport. It was hard saying goodbye

All-in-all it was pretty much the most incredible vacation of my life. I was able to satisfy about 80% of every car fantasy I've ever had in about 3 days time! I have to thank Mike for coming along and being my expert tour guide (since he has done 2 M3 EDs) and David at Northwest BMW for getting me such an amazing deal on the car.

These next couple months can't go by fast enough so I can get the car in my garage and start heading out to track days/car shows!

Thanks for looking!


Originally Posted by MSPORTWORLD View Post
This trip was an absolute blast. Pretty stoked that I've now completed 12-laps at the 'Ring. We will see how long I can keep the annual tradition going. At this point it's 4 laps a year 3 years in a row, pretty tough feat when you live in the States.

Here's one of my 2013 Laps in a VW Golf TDI w/Snow Tires (Overtook Ferrari 355@5:45):

Delivery Turnstile:

Your wish is granted (Most exciting 9:52):

Originally Posted by Curt2000 View Post
I didn't realize there are professional photographers all over the ring that take shots of every car and upload them to their website and sell them. I found a couple good ones of my lap!


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Former Car:'13 SANTORINI BLUE E92///M3--6MT/Speed Cloth/ZCP(ED Thread)

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