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Originally Posted by Dice13 View Post
Well that explains it well.,thanks. I was under the impression I would get approved with no problem with a co signer with a 700 credit score as the salesperson told me. I was not told all that high credit needed and revolving credit.

Any way I paid on time over 2 years on my 135 i which was high, I got it the 1st year it came out. Well BMW will give me my M3 as long as I put max MSDs down at a MF of .00245.I really wanted the .00180 and lower with MSDs and thought thats what the co signer was for good credit and good rate. .00180 IS a big difference from .00245

Well here's my deal

OLD deal M3, Vert, DCT, TECH, PREMIUM PKG, 19 inch wheels. .00180

$864 NO Tire pkg - $898 with tire pkg -

With Max MSDs $797 no tire pkg - $831 with tire pkg

New Deal -Cap Cost $1,200 (thrilled)
Max MSDs is a must
to do deal
$843 no tire pkg- $878 with tire pkg The way to look at it is they are giving me a 80 k car on my own and I belive its costing me $46 bucks more. I am not happy about the $1200 cap cost, bringing it to $79 bucks more a month if spread over 3 years . I just hate Cap Cost. I just figured I give you guys that are always there to help,lend a hand or offer you great oppinions a heads up. I am glad to be here and Thanks fellas. Sry for any snippyness I hate when things don't go smooth. I bet If I went for a coupe it be alot cheaper but there is nothing like a drop top.

BTW anyone wanna become partners on a new BMW M 3 all you need to do is co sign

Hey Dice, is 843 with taxes rolled in how much are you paying up front?