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Great job and I think it looks good! Question, you say that the lighting is uneven, but given it's from the OEM knob LED/Emblem, it's any more uneven than stock knob right?

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After studying and organizing the info from the DIY post I finally had the courage to jump into this project. Thanks to those who had spend their time to help me, including OP, elp_jc, SROC5...etc, well basically every member who posted in this thread.

And the details of it have already been elaborate many times, I followed the combination of OP, elp_jc (brilliant idea for the shift boot by the way, although I put too many layers of tape so the leather is fatter below the knob ring, it's ok to me thou ) and mtl88's instructions.

So just some reminders for whoever still want to give it a try:

1. When Dremel, I used the bit #401 for breaking the ZHP cap/shift pattern; #932 for lowering the center protrusion below the ZHP cap; and #953 or #84922 for detail fixing

2. Do not forget to put masking tape around the ZHP knob when Dremeling; although light scratch on the leather could be covered by Sharpie

3. Do wear goggles and mask when Dremeling, a simple eye glasses could do 80% of the protection but you are responsible for the other 20%...

4. when drilling hole for the LED wires inside ZHP, drill slowly, hold on to the ZHP knob tight, once the drill goes deep enough into the knob it will grab onto it well but still take your time. Beginning is the hardest, make sure that the drill is straight down

That's about all, and I include some pictures for the result. The illumination is not very evenly distributed maybe per elp_jc's standard so please go easy on me, lol. But to me this is already a very successful DIY and boy I love the look and functionality of the $70 I spent. Recommend!

Apology for the insufficient lighting