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Originally Posted by SROC5 View Post
I don't think it's ever really clear what tools you need to get the whole job done right. To set it straight IMO, it is:

Dremel tool (standard version) with some basic bits.
Hand Drill (medium power) with a drill bit at least as long at the length of the ZHP. Bit -tip size see picture in thread for the hole you're punching through from the bottom

The Dremel
is needed clean up the space under ZHP emblem upon removal (rubbery area) to fit flush the LED housing. Plus, some light work to cut through the Stock Knob to cleanly get to the LED housing etc.

The Hand Drill is definitely needed to cleanly drill (length wise) through the edge of the ZHP knob-making sure it's straight shot from the bottom of the knob (see picture below), to the top.

NOTE: there isn't some metal plate you hit in the knob. Someone on here claimed they hit some metal plate, but it's purely resin / plastic, so the drill will work without any issues. Just take your time and gauge the right line through the knob.

Still working on this one...will post results afterwards...just some tips I thought I'd share.
Thanks, I was just looking for what tools to get.

Can you be so kind to elaborate on what basic bits are for the dremel and drill? pictures will absolutely help