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Originally Posted by PhilH View Post
Bingo. He wasn' wasn't comfortable with the car yet. There's lots of grip in the corners, but it's buried under more body roll than I like, which caused me to back off. I'm not good at high speeds with cars that have body roll, they feel spooky to me. That's why I got the coilovers for my E46. I'm also naturally cautious when learning a new track, so I shouldn't have been in the intermediate/advanced group for my first time at Lime Rock. I'm taking the S4 to at least a couple autocrosses this year to help me learn the limits of the car. I've been watching your youtube videos, it's obvious you've learned to drive the S4 the right way on the track. The C&D Lightning Lap times for the S4 vs the 335i are decent proof that the car isn't slow.

When I was at Summit Point and Jefferson with the S4 last year, I passed a lot more cars than I ever did in my old E46 330i, because I know those tracks well. As a daily driver, the S4 is easily the best car I've ever owned. Awesome engine, lots of toys, and great ride/handling balance for the street (plus it has a spare tire and an oil dipstick ).

However, I admit that for me, the E46 was still more fun on the track because it was lighter, and RWD, so I could play with oversteer easier. I'm looking forward to getting a Cayman or FR-S as a second car in a few years. The S4 is my sporty family car to hold me over until then.
I stand corrected.

I thought when we were talking that he just couldn't go any faster. It turned out that he wasn't comfortable going any faster.

He did say that I have a knack for picking up tracks quickly and going fast.
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