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Audi has few models that really look good to me but unfortunately none of them are their main sellers, ie the a4/6/8. I do like however the last RS4, current A3, A7 and R8 (realize the A3 is a big seller overseas). My gripe with their S models is that it doesn't look very different from their non-S models. In fact maybe it's because I've been out of the VW/Audi scene for so long but I can't even tell the difference between their S-line and S models (which is the equivalent of our M-sport and M models). At least in the latter, you can still tell the difference.

I went to an Audi dealer with a friend not too long ago and I have to say though, the Audi interiors are far nicer, both in quality/finish and layout. But in terms of performance and driving experience, I still give BMW the edge; I still think they are producing the best luxury sports cars out there. Let's just hope the X5M, X6M and GT models end where they began.