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Originally Posted by Cdnrockies View Post
It's not about ego...I'm far more embarrassed to drive the X3 loaner my dealer gives me than an economy rental.

I do understand your point and maybe our dealers work diffently up here. Hopefully you're not getting billed at $125-135 per hour for service. If you are they can certainly afford to rent a slightly better car for say $50 per day and still come out way ahead.

To your bolded point, agreed.

There is not a better bang for the buck available. Don't give a shite about the badge on the hood. The interior is more than acceptable for a car like this. Service is the one debatable point...but that, for most, is offset by the lights out performance.
Sadly we still get charged 129.00/hour btw warranty takes care of it.
Originally Posted by corneredbeast
An engine from a Z06 Corvette. A differential from a Vespa. Damn

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Its because a lot of BMW owners are housewives or business professionals and know little about cars other than BMW's are a status symbol in their own circles so that have to have one. But exotic car owners know cars, that's why they are willing to spend for a killer car and they know something different when they see one.