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Originally Posted by mtla4 View Post
LOL@ Anyone comparing this to any Bmw. You have to be a real dumb ass to do so. You don't buy a GT3 RS, a mustang KR, GT-R, Lotus Elise for it's luxurious interior or heated seats. Thats why there is the m3 for buyers looking for a luxury car with some performance. I couldn't careless if this car was a Hyundai, Kia or Suzuki I would still pay the price that their asking for. Oh yeah and I dont care if they lend me a sentra when I go for service. I just take anything they give me and leave. I just cant stand people that walk in into a dealership and say I paid for a 50K car so I want a 50K loaner....take the loaner and leave you wont die from driving a lower class car for a few days, hours or weeks. Some people cant even afford food. I'm getting off topic but I just can't stand that shit. Badge whores, people worried about their social status or what other people will think about them.

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I get the gist of what you're saying, but don't entirely agree with you.

If I'm paying north of $50K for a vehicle....and then getting charged north of $100/125 per hour for service....I do expect more than a Hyundai Accent as my loaner.

I could take it to an independent shop for a minimum of $50 an hour I'm assuming the dealership can still "afford" a better loaner.