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Originally Posted by EmmettBrown View Post
at the doc reference

i drive it in manual ALL the time. i don't like the fact that im already in 5th gear at 30mph and so on. i think nissan intentionally did this for better fuel efficiency. just make sure when you come to a stop that you stop all the way. otherwise, if you gas it after not really making a stop, it sometimes jerks into first gear then goes. sometimes i just manually go into first gear when im almost stopped if i dont want to stop all the way (because of traffic or something) and it takes off smoothly.
Yeah, it's gonna take some time to get used to hit. It does feel a little jerky at times. I've just gotta feel it out a little bit. But, hit the gas in 2nd....

and hold on!!! No comparison to my tuned 335i. It's just stupid.