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mike the snake

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I REALLY like the Grande Reverso Duo that you got (The 1) it is the model I'd get I think.
The rose gold jumbo RO was very nice, price was OK at 15 grand, and the rose gold was more subtle than yellow gold, but I'm more of a steel watch guy. If I get a gold watch it's probably going to be the large 37mm Calatrava, gold to me means "dress", and I Rarely dress up.

Dream collection, hmmm,
Various Rolex Subs,
Omega Speedmaster pre-moon
JLC Grande Reverso
Hublot Big Bang
Royal Oak Jumbo or Offshore
Patek Nautilus
Patek Calatrava
JLC Master Compressor Navy Seals GMT Chrono
IWC Portugese
Panerai (not sure what model, they all kind of look the same to me-not so hot on P any more)
When I'm a millionaire it would be cool to have a tourbillon of some sort.
There's also some cool skeleton watches that look like they'd be fun, Tourby, and some German hand made ones-very cool.

The wish list is endless. There are just so many bitchin watches I'd love to own. They're like cars.