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Originally Posted by watrob View Post
Yeh, there two things that upset me with BMW's and I have owned several dozen, Brakes look s**thouse and there mufflers always hang down and look rusty & dirty.

After owning 3 different X5's (Diesel turbos and now the final one a twin turbo) they finally put chrome tips on. I mean the first one they were hidden behind rear skirt, second one just metal pipes and finally the last one has chrome tips and that's on there executive models. There 325's were the same.

I think the problem lies in that these two sections at BMW that handle brakes & exhaust is run by old f**ts that have not reached retirement age. I mean its embarasing. Here we are with high end cars and there rivals Merc & Audi must be laughing

I mean you can buy a low entry Toyota and get chrome tips and better looking brakes.

You know BMW you can have good ugly brakes or you can have good looking good brakes.

BMW are you listening, get your head out of your a**e and listen to your clients, we buy the cars you don't.

Next car AMG again I think, protest vote, hit them where it hurts, there pockets.
Maybe its just old farts that buy middle of the road cars then complain that it doesn't have all the styling extras of the more expensive, better models in the range?