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What's up yall, hope this is in the right spot for this post.

My 2011 6MT E90 M3 is about to undergo some big upgrades, and I wanted to hear some of your experiences with any of these upgrades, mainly in terms of NVH/other issues. I recently got this car last December, after my 2011 VT650 E93 was totaled. So far it's undergone the following: Ohlins R/T, Dinan sway, AP Racing BBK, full aero/badges, Forgestar/295 PS4S, Corsa catback.

Here's what I have planned in a couple weeks:
Harrop SC, RKP(Challenge) Sport Xpipe, BayOptiks, Autosolutions SSK, solid subframe bushings, differential bushings, throttle actuators/other wear items.

Purpose: Car is currently my weekend/occ daily/roadtrip car and has not been to the track yet this year (will see COTA in November FTW). It will see more track time once I have work sorted out and finish my move. Goals are to keep extra NVH at a minimum, esp since it will be seeing a ton of roadtrips.

I'm pretty much settled on BW solid subframe bushings and Purple Powerflex bushings, with the thought of minimizing the diff whine that I read can happen at slow highway speeds (55-60mph). Def will need these to put down all that extra power. Not really interested in going to a much harder diff bushing, since this car will see regular roads as well. I'd prefer to hear the whine from the engine instead.

For those with AutoSSK and upgraded carrier and shifter bushings, what have you noticed in terms of gear noise/whine/vibration? Did you go with the stock bushings with the kit or elect for 80A, 95A upgrades? I got the OEM ones but considering the harder ones, likely 80A. Any annoying quirks like V/H in the stick shift? I'm electing for replacement of all the bushings here with OEM, but not sure since I'd like something more durable...

Sorry for the lengthy post, many thanks in advance for any advice!

And... the crappy iPhone teaser pic:
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