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Originally Posted by Dr. G View Post
Some of guys are very knowledgable, love reading your posts!
I've been quietly following everything and just wanted to thank all of you for your insight.

Hoping for a small bounce back to recover some lost profits and then I'll just take my profits and hold cash for a bit to see what happens. I don't want to be in the markets any later than mid-june without having a more clear idea of where things are heading.

Hopefully TVIX can help recover some of my lost gains. I was gaining at an unrealistic rate and was getting a bit over-excited haha, time to settle down and be more rational now.
Thanks for the kind words! Tell us how it goes. Btw, what is your portfolio geared towards?

And, looks like eTrade baby invested in Facebook :

Just FYI guys, FB has entered a Bear Market. It opened at 45.00 and dropped to 34.01 close today. That's a 24% decline in 2 days. The largest Tech IPO in history, entering a Bear Market within 2 days of it's release. This must be the biggest Omen.

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