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The tool looks like a few pieces from a universal bushing push/press kit. If it's like one of those, then with your tool the open cup would be on the bottom of the subframe and you would pull the old busing into the cup with the plate, and installation would be the reverse with the open cup on the top of the subframe pushing the new bushing in with the plate. I think the flat side of the cup is supposed touch the top of the subframe during installation to stop the bushing from pushing through....which may not matter since your bushings have a lip on one side and they aren't OEM. With a universal kit it's a little different since there are more cup and plate options and sizes. The eBay description says the ring with dowels is only for the front subframe bushings, and may be an alignment tool. I would be interested to hear how that thing is supposed to work during installation.

You might want to put a tiny tiny tiny amount of grease on the threaded rod. Manufacturer instructions for similar tools I have call for a little lube on the threaded rod.