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Originally Posted by roastbeef View Post
They deleted my review stating the strut brace they sell doesn't fit our cars.
The HVAC controls for our car have the ring around the dial (with the blue/red lines) pictured. In the comments for the part on their website someone specifically asks if those pieces are, in fact, included, to which they respond in said comments "yes".

I ordered them, the piece in question was NOT included contrary to what they stated in the comments.

I asked if they would remove/change the incorrect reply in the comments and they actually told me "no".

Funny how they choose what to keep and remove on their websites. At a minimum it's unethical.

Just because this Matt guy was helpful (and I've dealt with Matt, myself, and he is a helpful and nice dude) it doesn't change the fact that he works for an atrocious, underhanded, unorganized, unethical company of liars with a track record of being the trashbags of the Euro car community.

Im not convinced that by coming on here and saying Matt was helpful you're doing him a solid. Management at Turner/ECS might see this and fire him for breaking company policy which dictates they be liars and assholes. If you must buy from Turner, I suspect Matt would be the ideal guy to connect with. Hopefully his bosses don't catch him providing actual customer service.
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