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I thought the knock went away when the guy in the other thread ran higher octane? I could see the vanos timing changes being related, in that by varying the opening and closing of the valves and overlap, you alter cylinder pressure. Depending on exactly what is being done, it could make predetonation pinging more likely at low rpm when low octane or winter formulation gas is used.

Alex’s suggestion is the simplest for those using his tunes. Flash back to 241E, clear all adaptations and codes, run a tank of gas through the motor and listen for changes.

There was a thread recently on vanos parts breaking. Apparently it is a plastic part not sold separately. Deansbimmer is working on making a replacement part. No idea how common this problem is. I have not seen many posts on vanos issues in the 10 years I have been here but as Alex points out these engines are getting older and the list of problems will be growing.