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Originally Posted by 850tgul View Post
No worries man, you’re not being difficult. Your opinion is your opinion. If you are someone who is hands off with their car and doesn’t want to be bothered to clean their SW a few times a year, cool. I myself don’t mind putting in minimal amount of work every few months to enjoy the superior feel, to me, of Alcantara products.
I should post a picture of my Cayman. Alcantara everywhere. You would not approve
I am very hands on with my cars, even when they're under warranty I tend to do the work myself. Mostly because I have the money to do the work but mainly because I don't trust the 20 year old kid at the shop to do the same quality of work that I'd do myself.

I couldn't care less if you wrapped your car in Alcantara, although it's a terrible idea but when I hear people claiming how great it is I cringe. If the consumer was charged a fair price that would be a different story but we're paying for a product that doesn't match the quality of the product. It's not that I can't be bothered with cleaning or maintaining a car it's that I shouldn't be bothered so often to clean a steering wheel. That's all. I'll try to post my wheel when I get to my laptop.