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Originally Posted by 850tgul View Post
Nice video, thanks for sharing.

Having owned cars with Alcantara going all the way back to my 1995 Volvo 850 T-5R, the hysteria over Alcantara’s poor durability always makes me laugh. In my experience, it is all about preventative maintenance and never letting it get too far gone. I try to clean my Alcantara touch points (steering wheel, gear knob, seats, etc.) monthly but even a bi-monthly cleaning will keep the material looking brand new forever, basically.

I have used, and liked, Sonax’s cleaner. My current go to is Dr. Beasley’s Cleaner followed by their protectant. I feel their cleaner works just as well as Sonax and their protectant keeps the material feeling factory fresh longer in between cleanings.
This 100%.

Normally I hate to be that guy to thread jack, but if you Google "How to Clean Alcantara Steering Wheel" you get me as your top link.

This is what I do to do exactly what you say, prevent. Stay ahead of the game in terms of it ruining your steering wheel. It is perhaps the best an worst material to be on a steering wheel, but damn it if it's not one of my first mods.

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