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Originally Posted by KKM3 View Post
I bought a 2010 gt3 last weekend and having second thoughts in my purchase. While its an amazing car, it's extremely loud and uncomfortable and quite honestly not looking for attention from cops or anyone else. I am seriously considering buying a fully optioned 991 s and will most likely be putting on my gt3 for sale. It's anyone is interested and has the money please send me a pm and let's talk.
He he he.. All the nonbelievers on my GT3RS vs. M3 post!! The GT3RS (dont know the reg GT3 that well) is not without compromise!
I have the RSS bypass on mine, and full RSS race suspension. Well, let's be kind and just say I had tried more comfortable cars on broken roads. Still I am going for the Akrapovic Evo race exhaust, mainly for weight reduction.
And yes, it is an attention getter car. Removing the stickers helps a little bit.