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Originally Posted by cdn240cab View Post
I was considering purchasing a Dinantronics Elite for my 2017 m240i, however after speaking to my local BMW dealer in Calgary, Canada, they encouraged me to hold off buying the tuner because the Dinan BMW relationship was on the rocks due to warranty issues, mainly who pays if there is a problem. He told me the dealership could not sell several vehicles on their lot because they had Dinan parts installed, and BMW Canada killed the warranty on the entire vehicle. Has anyone else heard this, or for that matter, had any trouble getting warranty work covered because they have Dinan parts installed? I have not spoken to the other BMW dealership in Calgary, which is owned by the same company, and is a certified Dinan dealer yet, I will update ASAP.
Did they really ever have a relationship?
BMW doesn't need Dinan
I think Dinan simply got some BMW dealerships to take on its aftermarket products..
I've never seen anything to say BMW corporate ever works with Dinan explicitly as a partner..