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+5000 on the last statement!

Ya then me and a few of the guys from here can come by and wash our cars at your place too Of course we would pay you well

So you are doing full body venture shield? Awesome, your car is going to be mint. I have already noticed some knicks and so on from wearing her in I have a lot of venture shield on my car but not full by any means.
I actually didn't do the full wrap. Ty at Xtreme Tint said his supplier could not get him a large enough piece to completely wrap the hood, but it will extend to within 5" of the edge adjacent to the windshield. I wrapped the fenders fully, the mirrors, the rocker panels, a portion behind each posterior wheel, as well as the A pillars and a 6" strip above the windshield running across the carbon fiber roof.

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Your car looks incredible, should have put 2thdr on the plate
Thank you Albert! I actually got my handle from seeing it on a Porsche long before I even went into dental school. Just stuck with me. My other choice, which someone else may want to use, was R8D MMM.