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Where's the money, Ken?

I would like to know who in this forum has bought/leased a car that takes a full week for the transaction to finish while you are paying lawyers fees to make it happen?

Again, this is very simple to do:

1. You bring your pre-approved paperwork from your chosen financial company.
2. You sit down with the finance person of the dealer.
3. Dealer finance check it out, make the necessary phone calls, receive the required paperwork/agreement by fax.
4. Congratulates you for the purchase if everything check out.
5. The sales person give you the keys, shows you the basics of the car and there you go.

This is done in an hour at the most.

In this situation there is a small difference, there are lawyers present. So item #1 above should be something that way before showing up at the dealership had to be squared away 1000%. After all, this started with an unhelpful eBay and a flip-flop dealer in a different state. And if I'm paying a lawyer by the hour to fix this for me, it better be fixed quick.

So let's say that this transaction could be done in 3 hours, tops.

If the dealer starts doing the flip-flop again then I don't think that 4 more days will make any difference. It is more than evident that the idea is to drain the finances of the buyer in lawyers fees until getting the car is no longer a deal.

So again, where's the money Ken?