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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Look at the value of E60 M5s with that sweet S85. Used prices plummeted when the faster F10 M5 came out. No reason to think the E9x Ms will fair any better.
I think this had a lot to do with awful cost of ownership of these least that's why I didn't buy one. My main concerns were out of warranty repair costs, crazy costs of extended warranty for them, and horrendous gas mileage (I expected 12-13 mpg instead of ~17mpg w/ m3). I would have probably got either the older gen m6/m5 otherwise...I'm assuming so would have others, accounting for lower resale values.

e9x m3's on the other hand have somewhat more reasonable extended warranty costs (even for bmw warranties), better mileage (I'm getting very tolerable ~17+ mpg, even w/ lots of city driving), and I sure hope repairs won't be too bad.