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Red face Importing an '06 Z4 M Coupe from Canada to US

Hi guys,

I'm new here, and just started shopping for a Z4 M Coupe. I may have just found THE ONE. But it's in Toronto, and I'm in California. I've been doing some researching on what it takes to bring cars here, but it sounds like there are a lot of variables and I don't have solid info on the car yet.

Has anyone bought a car in Canada and brought it to CA? Is it a hassle? Is it possible? Is it worth it?

Here are what I think may be some possible scenarios:

1. Photos of the car show that it has a dominant MPH speedo with the KM/H on the inside ring... could it originally be a US car? Or were Z4 M Coupes sold in Canada with that speedo, and with an odometer reading KM? If it WAS originally a US car, there should be no problems bringing it through.

2. Car is originally Canadian and does not comply with CA emissions standards/was not originally built for sale in CA. I'm screwed, can't buy car.

3. Car is originally Canadian but DOES comply with CA emissions standards. Do I need a letter from BMW NA stating that my car complies with federal safety standards, too? I found a post saying that this costs $500, ouch.

Anyway, looking for whatever advice anyone who might've tried or done this can give. This could be the perfect car....