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Originally Posted by pbonsalb View Post
Is this the crankcase vent recirculation hose? If you mess around with installing aftermarket intakes or air filters, you can break it. I did. Superglued it back onto the intake elbow and have been more careful with it since. Has held up fine in the year since.

If your gas tank cap is not sealing because it is missing the seal or because you have not tightened it until it clicks, you can get a similar code since unexpected air will be introduced the system.
My gas cap looks ok and it seals pretty good...

although the crankcase vent recirculation hose is probably the cause i cleaned it last time and took 3 weeks before the codes came back... i might have put a hole on it or gotten it worse when i was cleaning.. I noticed that when its really hot outside 95 degrees + the error seems to come back and everytime i checked the crankcase vent seems loose. ill check again tonight.

I will let you know thanks on the heads up...