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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
Physiology is a science. Studying the functions of the metabolism, how it works, how muscle is gained and fat is metabolized, all a science. I'm not debating the facts of exercise or weight loss. I'm arguing the fact that you two seem to think that it is possible to GAIN muscle when you're in a CALORIC DEFICIT. This is not possible. I'm not going to repost the links to studies that have already proven you wrong, but you just come here with opinion based arguments and no facts.

Show me ONE STUDY with a group of people (or even ONE person), with a daily caloric deficit and measurable lean mass gains and you will have proved me wrong. Until then, you're going on all opinions.

Now you are ragging on people for throwing personal attacks out there, but you keep doing it yourself. Hypocrisy huh? I couldn't care less about what you think my "true colors" are, you're still being a hypocrite. Post some facts like the others here have or kindly see your way out of the thread. My true colors are trying to help the OP out and filter the bullshit people like you are trying to feed him.

I'm sure your 25 minute bike workout is really tough... It's nothing compared to my daily 4-5 mile runs and lifting routine, I'm sure... I bet you would just put me to shame...
I never said that "Gain muscle when you're in caloric deficit". But I will now. You jumped all over me so don't call me a hypocrite. I forced myself into a caloric deficit to get my weight down from 225 to 200...but I gained muscle mass. Did it in two months. How do I know? strength increased by 30%. You cannot gain strength without gaining muscle mass. There are plenty of papers out there so please search....Why do I have to search for you? You sound like Quick6EF.

BTW...I studied physiology, kinesiology, and anatomy. Did you?

Again...Why the personal attacks? I was also a black belt so we can go to the local dojo and do a few rounds if you want My specialty was Jiu Jitsu with emphasis on Muay Thai. Why do you keep trying to emphasize you are in better than me? I dont care...Is it penis envy? Your car is better than mine? Well, mine is bigger and my car is faster

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