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Ben, one thing I'd point out is that the deal on a 2010 might be much better (if you can find one) given that the 2011 model year was so long with the whole 2011, 2011.5, 2011.75 thing. In other words, a 2011 is a 2011 in the mind of a dealer, KBB, NADA, Carmax, etc. and all of the values will be similar assuming similar mileage. But in reality, half of the 2011s are really more like 2010s. I hope that makes sense.

Another thing to consider is finding a new leftover 2011 on a dealer's lot. A quick search I just did on showed 20 coupes and 28 sedans across the country. That would be a no-brainer if the finance rates were great, as you would expect them to be, but unfortunately it looks like they aren't. (EDIT: rates on 2011 sedans are still published on bmwusa and aren't great. Rates on 2011 coupes are not posted but may be better since the '12 coupes are out.) Regardless, I bet you could still work a great deal.

Good luck and I'll let you know if I see anything.
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