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E9x M3 OEM wheel weight

Originally Posted by rai View Post
thanks, how did you find out? I made this poll long time ago and at the time I was under the impression the 19" were 4 or 6 lbs more (which it is starting to seem was not true).
This has been beat to death in multiple threads, and we still don't have bare wheel weights on the same scale. But, let's see if I can recreate the thread.

- I weighed the 19s with tires here (post #10),, and concluded the weights were around 23#F/26.5#R for the 19s.

- Exact tire weight was obtained from Michelin by En Rouge here (post #74),, which increased the accuracy of the weights and yielded 23.6#F/26.1#R for the 19s.

- In the same post it was stated that the weights on a German website for the 18s are (rounded): 23.2#F/24.9#R. As far as I know, this is uncofirmed by another source.

- The E46M3 18s were about 26#F/28#R.

The best way to resolve this once and for all is to weigh the 18s and 19s bare on the same scale.

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