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Originally Posted by Alan l. View Post

What certifications does your VS8.2 currently carry? Please post it here.

I find your naming convention to be misleading. "Monoforged" is your trade mark line name that suggests that the VS8.2 is a forged wheel but I have yet to see MORR confirm nor deny it when certain members asked. I was also told by a few of your dealers that the VS8.2 are not forged and are form flow cast.

Please clearify for the public.

I have asked this as well in previous threads. The second time, rather than answering, he presented questions such as "if its not forged t6 6061 then you wouldn't be able to achieve the brushed finish"... well that is untrue as there are Forgestar's that are brushed. I also had a dealer tell me they are not forged, but rather "spunforged" as his original name suggested before changing back to monoforged. He then sent me a message asking which vendor told me the wheels aren't forged. He never directly answered when I asked him to clarify if there is any difference from his wheels and HRE monoblocks which start from a forged billet and are then "spun" to achieve the barrel shape.

There was also a ton of false information in that thread, including that the wheels are TUV certified and VIA/JWL, which they are neither. However, they have been tested at STL, and the results have been posted, which is more than enough IMO. I just didn't like the false information being spread regarding the certifications that the wheels DON'T have, along with the questions regarding whether the wheels are truly forged or not. Carlos seems to like to call other vendors out, but doesn't like to be called out himself.

Now the questions that I do have for Carlos is whether his multi-piece line has ANY testing. There has been nothing posted, and he has ignored my multiple questions. I don't care about certifications, but at the very least he should have then independently tested like he did for his VS8... heck, this is what he has called all these other companies out for but has yet to provide any evidence of him doing it himself!
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