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Originally Posted by cole328 View Post
Much as I want to buy American, and I'm no snob, there's no way I would buy any current American car product, period.
I'd really like to buy American. In fact, my M3 was the first German car I bought. Most of my recent cars have been Hondas.

But..... I see glimpses that domestic manufacturers might be turning the corner. I spent a week with a '12 Ford Focus, and came away impressed. If they gave the DCT tranny an option for steering wheel mounted manual shifting, it would be a hellova $25k commuting car. And I don't even like Ford!

Maybe in 5-10 more years we'll see all of the big 3 turn the corner. I think Buick already did. Cadillac still needs one more cycle to "get it right". Dodge probably needs another cycle or two. Chevy, I just dunno. Ford might be the closest, if they can get their interiors up another notch.