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Originally Posted by MPower7 View Post
Hey Guys,

I have light to medium swirls on my AW 2011 M3. To my knowledge the car has never been corrected.

Here is what I think may work well. Please pick this apart and let me know what's missing.

-Decon Wash
-Clay Nanoskin Mitt
-Car Pro Eraser
-Polish (Sonax Perfect Finish with PC 7424XP using yellow Rupees polishing pads
-Car Pro Eraser
-Ceramic Coating

Please let me know what you guys think. Would 3 inch pads and 6 inch pads be the best combination for this car? Need help with the pad choice.

Used to have an alpine white M3, very hard paint - don't think you'd get anything done with anything less than a microfiber cutting pad. 3 inch and 6 inch should cover most of the car, but areas like the door jamb, side blinkers will be hard to reach with even the 3 inch.

Depending on the paint, might opt for a microfiber + perfect finish rather than the yellow pad right off the bad - yellow pad will jewel up the paint but you won't get much cut out of it, especially with perfect finish. I'm doubtful that you'll get any swirls out with a yellow pad and perfect finish.

Be mindful of any tar you might have on the paint - you don't want to be swirling this around, especially on a microfiber pad! Would recommend goo-gone or tarx for tar removal.

For your decon wash, make sure you're using a stripping soap, and not your typical maintence soap - you want to be stripping prior sealants and waxes prior to polishing.

Hope this helps, and good luck!
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