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Originally Posted by MPower7 View Post
Hey Guys,

I have light to medium swirls on my AW 2011 M3. To my knowledge the car has never been corrected.

Here is what I think may work well. Please pick this apart and let me know what's missing.

-Decon Wash
-Clay Nanoskin Mitt
-Car Pro Eraser
-Polish (Sonax Perfect Finish with PC 7424XP using yellow Rupees polishing pads
-Car Pro Eraser
-Ceramic Coating

Please let me know what you guys think. Would 3 inch pads and 6 inch pads be the best combination for this car? Need help with the pad choice.

Started a paint correction myself yesterday and still working on it. your strategy is good.
Some tips:
-you can use meguiars ultimate all wheel cleaner as your Iron decontamination step for half the price of Iron X... or just get two bottles to apply a generous coating. Yes it is safe on paint.
- I would stick to good old fashion clay bar. nothing beats that honestly.
-Good choice going with SONAX. However, perfect finish is better for rotary, the DA version of it is the EX-04/06. I did my hood with the EX 04-06 using Sonax yellow DA pad and it got all the swirl marks out and some scratches. It is very easy to apply and produced lovely results. 8oz would do the whole car. I have a 8oz bottle of cut and finish on back up just in case (cut 5, finish 5) which would have taken out some of those left over scratches but I decided not to use it to preserve the clear coat thickness as my car has been corrected once before. It's impossible to take everything out and you can chase every imperfection for months. You may want to start a little more aggressively with cut and finish but your gloss will be a 5 instead of a 6 as with EX-04/6 or perfect finish. You can either settle with that or have 8oz bottle of profile nano polish (3/6) to go over it a second time and achieve a gloss of 6. or simply use profline final if money isnt an issue (only comes in 1L bottles).
- good choice on carpro eraser. I used old gold IPA. perhpas have some carpro water sport remover on back up for those stubborn water spots.
-ceramic coating is exactly what you want. I was thinking about going with that as well except I decided to try on meguiars hybrid ceramic line up of 3 products which I think would allow me to build layers of protection with ease. I will apply the liquid form by hand, then the spray form after every wash to reinforce the existing layer, then ceramic quick detailer to further reinforce that layer after i dry the car to remove water spots. This should allow me to always maintain a nice layer of protection easily. Something you may want to look into.

Edit: yes 3" and 6" pads are good for this car if you dont have that much machine time under your belt. The E92 has a lot of big flat panels so 7" wouldnt hurt either. 2" would be a little better in tighter areas than 3" but harder to find. For Pads, I used the yellow Sonax 5.75" pad (the one with the hole in the middle is for DA). it is perfect for the 3 products below. the red pad is VERY aggressive. for 2" or 3" pad, you can use lake country.

I used Griots garage 6" and 3" buffers.

The beauty of these products is the fact that they start with some degree of cutting ability but breakdown into a polish to give you a glossy clear coat ready to for a layer of protection.

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