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Originally Posted by HP Autowerks View Post
I had no idea you wanted to change the ride height at track side...that will require an alignment as well, not something a weekend racer type of prep work.

I was able to drive the RS1 and Ohlins R&T back to back on the same car with the exact same spring rates, Ohlins stayed on and RS1 up for sale, enough said. RS1 is still very good, but Ohlins R&T is just a bit better on my 1M, in my opinion.

Ohlins R&T is not a "track" damper, but rather a Road and Track damper. I didn't saying 500 is max, but only said it can handle that rate without any issues.
So you've never adjusted ride height at the track to deal with "steady state" handling issues, like midcorner understeer or oversteer? It's not that difficult to make adjustments to compensate for changes in ride height.

Perhaps the RS1 is superior on an e9x M3

We agree on one thing - the Ohlins R&T is really just Ohlins "R"