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Originally Posted by swanson View Post

I bought my 2012 Raptor this past June. I NEVER had a bigger problem finding a deal on a vehicle like I did with the Raptor. .
They are awesome toy trucks. Did you get the 6.2? CC or EC? Very hard to not stop and stare when one rolls by, especially in black.

It's funny how trucks you can wheel in can be some of the hardest thing to buy. Worst deal I ever got on a new vehicle was on my Land Cruiser. Only dealer with one in nato white was 400 miles flight away and only managed to get 4k (5%) off it.

While kind of off topic, the best deal I could have got on a new vehicle was on a loaded 2008 Ford Super Duty 6.4ttd FX4 CC. They were advertising 10 of them at 17k off and got it to an even $20k out the door. Funnily enough a dealer in texas was buying two they were so cheap. It was all due to huge inventory dealers were caught out with when the economic crash came a calling.

But yeah, to repeat my earlier post, for 650 bhp with full warranty the new GT500 is an absolutely amazing buy for power junkies.