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Originally Posted by Killerfish2012 View Post
ok, so here's a disturbing thought. It is a fact that Ford uses the same 6 speed manual tranny in the V6, V8 5.0 stang, and Boss. Great news for the V6 guys, bad news for everyone else. This transmission had a lot of problems early on in the V8 cars. Haven't heard much about the Boss. The GT500 also uses a 6 speed manual. Could it be the same one as the V6? Hopefully Ford, at least swapped out some internal components. BMW always uses different transmissions for each car, depending on the transmissions OEM torque rating.'
Transmissions care about torque per cylinder (not horsepower), so with the V6, GT and Boss powerplants being similar in torque per cylinder (V8 versions being only around 5% more strenuous in that regard), you can see how Ford can save money thru economies of scale.

GT500? Way the hell up there on torque per cylinder, so it gets a much beefier trans.