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F1 how much time does sliding over REALLY lose...

The announcers are always saying at the starts down the straight how sliding over slows the car, including with this last race, but come on, I cannot believe a slow slide off to the side slows the car that much. If you really pay attention you will see just as often or more the car ahead sliding over on another continues to out accelerate the other car.

I think this is a case of selective memory where people see someone slide over and then get outpaced and attribute it to their moving over. If you take this last race, you'll see that was going to happen regardless, Alonso had a far better start and was out accelerating since the moment he crossed the line. If anything he was losing his advantage as they got closer to the corner.

Quick direction changes and inward steering during corners obviously makes a difference, anything that requires grip obviously. But slooooowlly moving over on someone down the straight, come on, they aren't losing any speed.