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One has to be naive to think that a 4L manual V8 M car will not hold its value in this day and age of electric cars and small displacement turbocharged engines. F8X or the upcoming M3 will literally have zero effect on E9X resale, unless BMW goes back to the drawing board and stops producing garbage, which is what they have been doing since 2013. F8X cars are not true M cars and will never hold their value (except certain uber rare models like the CS or heritage edition). Otherwise they'll get hit like a brand new S class AMG and depreciate down to nothing.

Low Mileage lime rock in DCT/6MT, 6spd ZCP E90s and '13 E92 ZCP with 6spd and CF roof in any color with sub 50k miles and sound history are virtually fail proof investments, especially if you can snag one in MR/IB/LMB or an individual color. right now and probably for another 1-2 years is the best time to pick one up... there are still enough good examples out there to keep prices reasonable but in a couple years they will start to shoot up as they age.

I've followed the 46M market for close to 10 years now and owned one for 7 years. I've seen the trend first hand and the E9X will follow the same path. My 46 has raised 10k in value since I bought it.
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