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All good points but not exactly a reply to my post. I never said anything about f80s being better than e9x. Just that $47k is a lot for that e9x in 2020.

Further, because I wasn't clear, I don't get the point of belittling a 19 yr old for a relevant and valid point.

I find speculating on the future value of a mass produced car hilarious. Insurance, gas, maintenance, depreciation and for those that financed the car interest will exceed any monetary appreciation gained over the next 10 years except for the .05% EAG class cars.

The e9x M3 is an awesome and mostly very affordable entry into performance cars. Just enjoy it.
Yeah I dunno.. I have owned 4 E9x M3 and the depreciation hasn't really been there if you want to use it as a weekend car which many do. Thats one of the draws. They cost more now than they did 2 years ago when I purchased my last one.

Also not sure where you get your car loans but I can borrow money for way less than I make in the market.
Maybe e90s cost more, but most e92s sold on here are lower today than 2 years ago. That's especially the point with this $47k example. Nothing suggests it's worth that.

Yes, the ole "I borrow money because I can generate a market based return in excess of my interest". I'd rather invest in addition to owning my cars outright. That's the beauty of not dropping $100k...

My point is less than 1% of owners will ever break even let alone make a single dollar in excess of what they've spent.

It's a mass produced car. Enjoy it however makes you most happy.
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