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Originally Posted by Cyberdemon View Post
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Come on guys, let's not get too high and mighty. The kid has a point. Paying $47k for a E9x is a lot for what you're buying in 2020. That's all.

Regardless of spec, it's a car meant to be driven. These aren't Ferrari's and can generally be had for $25-$35k which plenty of folks can pay cash for.

I'm 35, have put > 20k miles in my two years of ownership at just over 40k miles. I love every second driving and I have absolutely every intention to drive this car into the ground both on the track and street. These are dumb "investments".
Sure, objectively the F80 is faster, has nicer tech, and is surprisingly reliable. Subjectively there are elements of the E series cars in general (E46/E39/E9x) that if you're willing to get nit picky, people are willing to still pay for.

A $40k F80 will continue to drop to a point, then years from now when people get sick of the G buck tooth cars and so many of the F80's become affordable enough to be destroyed, I'm sure some people will start to want those cars as well.

The E46 and E39 market confirms what you can probably expect for a well maintained E9X in the future. It'll be a few more years before you see super high mileage E9X 100k+ cars readily available for high school kids to start buying up en masse.

Assuming one car has a better or worse depreciation curve then another isn't saying it's a bad investment, but its a good way to plan for total cost of ownership over a longer period of time.
All good points but not exactly a reply to my post. I never said anything about f80s being better than e9x. Just that $47k is a lot for that e9x in 2020.

Further, because I wasn't clear, I don't get the point of belittling a 19 yr old for a relevant and valid point.

I find speculating on the future value of a mass produced car hilarious. Insurance, gas, maintenance, depreciation and for those that financed the car interest will exceed any monetary appreciation gained over the next 10 years except for the .05% EAG class cars.

The e9x M3 is an awesome and mostly very affordable entry into performance cars. Just enjoy it.
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