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Lol u might as well get a faster f80 for 38 that's ridiculous nothing against the e92 m3 but it is 2 gen old at this point and even though manual is a rare spec I wouldn't pay almost 40 grand for one
i think this guy's lost
A quick look at his post history will tell you a lot about the guy.

19 y/o and waiting on tax returns to shop an M3 - he's exactly the type of buyer I described that will drive poorly option'ed cars into the ground.
Come on guys, let's not get too high and mighty. The kid has a point. Paying $47k for a E9x is a lot for what you're buying in 2020. That's all.

Regardless of spec, it's a car meant to be driven. These aren't Ferrari's and can generally be had for $25-$35k which plenty of folks can pay cash for.

I'm 35, have put > 20k miles in my two years of ownership at just over 40k miles. I love every second driving and I have absolutely every intention to drive this car into the ground both on the track and street. These are dumb "investments".
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