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I think the E9X is in an interesting spot.

The appreciating E46 M3 only further puts the spotlight on well maintained E9X M3.

Who buys a 30k E46 with 100K when that type of money gets you a clean E92 M3?

As a caveat, the E9X market still needs to go through its 3rd "cheap as hell - run it into the ground" type of owner that will take cars off the market, forever. This will continue in the next few years.

Usually those tend to be lesser desirable cars anyways (08s and all the wrong options). This is happening now as you can find some beat up examples in the teens.

I think as we move along in time, the mileage aspect of these cars will become less relevant and proper body & mechanical maintenance will be key. This seems to be happening in the E34/39/46 world.

The G80 buyers will be F80 guys for the most part. F80s prices will absolutely get crushed over the next few years.

It will have some effect on the E90 market as they will be cross shopped, but IMHO it will lead to further appreciation of the E90 generation.

The G80 comes rolling in during the greatest economic crash of a hundred years. The lease rates and discounts will be insane and further drive F80 prices down the gutter.

I ultimately think well maintained, LCI and ZCP E92s will forever stay above 30K, no matter the mileage.

Haha untill gas cars are no longer allowed
That won't happen if your lifetime.