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Originally Posted by Cyberdemon View Post
I was looking at the hardware, it overall seems to be very very similar though I notice the antenna hookup is in a slightly different spot, so not sure if this is just a slightly different variation or it's the same OEM with a slightly different board, but doesn't seem to be the exact same part.

It also seems like the Bimmertech comes with the mic splitter cable but this Carsana one doesn't? Not sure if that's something that can get sourced separately or just find a very covert way of mounting the microphone.

It sounds like people had generally good results with nobody complaining about sound quality, maybe I'll impulse buy one of these and see if I can get it installed and tested and if it still has an issue have time before the Bimmertech Black Friday sale...
This does come with a mic splitter - should be in the instructions I attached above.