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This or that what should I buy

Hello, I'm new here and was planning on purchasing a new car. My last car was a 05 330i. Here is what i'm looking at I am heavily leaning towards a Z4m coupe i like the rarity and the way it looks, but I'm wandering should i spend the few extra thousand on a 07 over a 06? I have found 06's with around 20000 for around 26-29 thousand. But then the 07 is around 30 to 32000 for a car with more miles like around 30-40000 miles on it. The other cars i have found in my price range....under 35000 are the 08 335is for around low 20000. I found a 03 Porsche 911 C4S with 40000 for 29000, because its a 03 would that take away from the car? Has anyone had experiences with them. And lastly a 06 cayman S with 40000 miles on it for 26000. This will be my little quick daily driver. I'm in the army, single don't drive far to work at all. Don't drive that much except the occasional weekend out. So not worried about small space. I just wanted something nice when I come back from korea. My best friend/rival purchased a 04 corvette non z06. I just wanna kinda outshine him. Any input would be appreciated. Oh and I doubt I will be racing/tracking the car. Just want the mine is better then your's factor. Thanks for any input