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By the way, another interesting thing is....

the price from the new Audi S5.

The BMW 335i price-performance killed the S4, so Audi had to react and so they positioned the S5 only 300 Euro(Germany)above the (old) S4!!!
So you get the S5 for 55.900 Euro with the new direct-injection engine from RS4/R8(with lower hp but more torque!) and almost all extras included and the new coupe-form for almost the same price as S4.

This shows that in reality the car got cheaper and BMW has also to take care, not to make the same mistake as Audi did with the price-calculation at S4/RS4!
And a E93 Cabrio M3 with DSG will increase the price another 10.000 Euro, so they have to take care, not to get to near to M5-price!

In one new austrian car-magazin, they say that the new M3 will be the first BMW, without any speed-limit!(without extra money and without driver- package)
So over 300 km/h will be the stock-topspeed(only in europe?) !

Greetings Robert