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Originally Posted by Sara504 View Post
I agree with this 100% It should be time sensitive. Like our warrantys. Only eligible for a certain length of time and one time only.
Welfare good for 4 years or $50,000; whichever comes first!

Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
Dow is up over 80%..
While your other points have merit, I disagree with this one if you think it was the President who had any large influence on it.

Originally Posted by Maestro View Post

I have been saying this for a long time and I told my son this, If the degree does not show up in a job description he is not going to study it. School should not be allow to offer a degree unless lots of companies require that skill. I told my son he is either going to get a business degree or engineer, those degrees will get you a job. Lots of Jobs require either of these backgrounds.
While I do agree with you, I know plenty of people who graduated from top tier schools (UCLA, UCB, USC, to name a few) with degrees in mechanical engineering, business (marketing, management), and a few other respected degrees and they're having difficulties finding jobs in their field. They've found jobs, but the highest paying from those group of friends is a measly $40k, and it's not even in their field.

My degree from my university will always be useless, but I got it just to GTFO. Not being arrogant, but I know my personality: I can never work for someone else, so my degree and resume are meaningless to me, no matter how impressive or unimpressive they may be.
There is money to be made in this world, but sometimes, the harder you work... the less you get... makes you feel quite unmotivated. Last month, I had the roar of my M3 to help keep me sane..all I have now is the torque and exhaust blips from my Z4.

Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
Yes, really. You're upset about the prospect of having healthcare? Taxes also pay for those pesky roads and schools. If you don't have children or a car do you write to the mayor of your city and tell him you want that tax money back because you want to excercise the right to not send your children to public school? There is a real problem with skyrocketing healthcare in this country and when something does go wrong and you're not covered, you would rather die in the street with a stack of medical bills than lose your "right" to refuse healthcare coverage?
I work in the medical field, but there are too many problems with the way it is set up. I am against Obamacare for these reasons:

Originally Posted by ZaraGSPBMW View Post
Not the point I was making. You’re also confusing how taxes work. My property taxes go to support local schools—which I have no problem paying. I recognize taxes are necessary, but I also realize where taxes go and what they do. My gas taxes when I fill up go for roads—I appreciate this because I hate driving on crappy roads in the BMW. All taxes have different flavors, but they don’t all go to support the same thing in a general pool---huge difference between local, state, federal and what they provide. Moreover, I’m not upset about having healthcare—I’ve actually got fantastic healthcare. My entire point is: shouldn’t I, and others, have the “right” to choose what is best for me? If in fact I do need healthcare and I am uninsured, I pay, but as a consumer I assume the risks. Skyrocketing healthcare costs will not solved by throwing more money at the problem. Again, like I mentioned earlier, something needs to be done about healthcare, but not giving people an option is not the solution.
Especially the bold

I have my own healthcare, and if it wasn't for the emergency insurance it provided, I would cancel it as I do not feel it's necessary to have healthcare for any reason other than ER/hospital.

I rarely go see a physician or doctor. When I'm sick, I take the meds I need and I get better, no need to waste time/money seeing a doctor (both my time and his).

When I have an issue where I need MD assistance, I'll pay my copay or full price to see the doctor.

I hate knowing that I have to pay and i HAVE to go see a doctor...

A lot of Medi-cal is turning into HMOs, and HMOs are crap...... And I fear Obamacare isn't going to help as much as people think it will.

You don't need to be part of the 1% to feel it. If you make a "decent" income or if you're a business owner, it could hurt you more than help you.
If you start talking about human rights and the "right" to healthcare... then I have to disagree right there. I do not believe everyone has a right to anything when they are not the person who earned it. So you had 5 kids at age of 20 and your deadbeat boyfriend left you.... This sounds evil, but the world would be a better place if people like that didn't exist, since chances are high that her kid(s) will be like her, and the cycle continues.
I'm not as informed on the matter as I'd like to be, so I'll stop right here.

Btw, what was that movie where these 2 people were frozen for X years, and in the future, everyone was stupid? and these 2 happened to be the smartest people alive? I forgot what it was called.....Anyways, I can totally see that happening, though not in any of our lifetimes..

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